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January 1, 2024

Choi Hung Estate to be redeveloped

Secretary for Housing and Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) Chairman Winnie Ho recently announced that the Government will initiate a redevelopment study for Choi Hung Estate in Wong Tai Sin.

     The housing chief revealed that the redevelopment will be conducted in three phases. As there are a total of about 7,400 units in Choi Hung Estate, around 2,500 units will be involved in each phase. Current estimates suggest that about 9,200 flats will be provided upon redevelopment, representing a net gain of about 1,800 flats, she added.
     Ms Ho also highlighted that there are sufficient relocation sites outside Choi Hung Estate for the Government to kick-start the redevelopment project. While the new Mei Tung Estate can provide 2,860 units for rehousing Choi Hung Estate tenants involved in the first phase, those who are affected can also consider buying one of the 1,467 units in the Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme project in Wang Chiu Road Public Housing Phase 2.
     The rehousing and related arrangements will be announced upon completion of the study.