HEADLINE NEWS March 8, 2023

Grand opening of Zhangyuan
Introducing a unique cultural and commercial landmark in the heart of Shanghai

Yangtze River Delta G60 Innovation Center
The project is part of the Lingang Songjiang Science and Technology City, located in Songjiang District in southwest Shanghai. Close to the G60 expressway, it has an excellent urban display surface and enjoys a view to the surrounding suburban landscape <Read more>

Selected projects by GP in China
Over more than 20 years working in China, GP has completed many exceptional projects. The high quality of this work is the result of the efficient communication between the firm's main Chicago office, its regional office in Shanghai, the owner and the contractor <Read more>

Canton Fair Complex expansion completed
The Canton Fair Complex has become the largest exhibition development in the world

Avenues Shenzhen Primary School
"Students constantly move within the school--going from different classrooms, labs, commons, and dining halls to athletic facilities or outdoor spaces," explained Asci. "This movement is integral to the students' spatial perception, and therefore its careful choreography plays...<Read more>

Xingge Jinze Building, Zhuhai
Strategically located in the heart of the Pearl River Delta in the vicinity of Hong Kong and Macau, Zhuhai is fast becoming the Delta region's infrastructural capital. The project is quintessentially an ecosystem of itself, a living building where slices of nature blend with urbanism to form an iconic landmark <Read more>

Swire Properties to develop luxury condominiums in Bangkok
With a site area of 12,666 sq m, the project will have open views of both Lumphini and Benjakitti parks<BR>

13 building plans approved in Nov
22 land transactions in Q4

Construction of six major roads and railway projects
While Kwu Tung Station of the Northern Link will be commissioned in 2027, the construction works for Hung Shui Kiu Station and the Northern Link Main Line will start within the current term of the government <Read more>

The Airport City is developing into a new landmark
The 3rd runway at Hong Kong International Airport commissions

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