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March 8, 2023

Grand opening of Zhangyuan

Zhangyuan, Shanghai's first urban regeneration project to implement protective expropriation and historical restoration, officially opened in fall 2022.  The project is operated and managed by a joint venture between Swire Properties and Shanghai Jing'an Real Estate (Group).  Zhangyuan West Zone is now open to the public as the first phase of this unique project.

     The Shikumen heritage buildings in Zhangyuan are among the best-preserved and richest historical architectural forms in Shanghai.  Over forty buildings, in more than 20 different styles, some dating back over 100 years, include Western-style garden villas as well traditional Chinese styles. The newly unveiled Zhangyuan has been reshaped into a high-quality "first urban public space", providing trendy lifestyle and cultural experiences and offering a place where Shanghai's citizens can work, relax, shop and be entertained.
     Drawing on the humanistic characteristics of Shanghai-style architecture, the comprehensive renovation protects the historical features and layout of Shanghai's traditional Shikumen lanes. Careful efforts have been made to revitalise and repurpose historical buildings, improve transportation connections to the area, and create new underground retail space beneath the existing buildings. The renovation project marks the rebirth of Zhangyuan and sets a new standard for Shanghai's urban regeneration that focuses on history and culture at the same time as bringing energy, internationalisation and the latest trends to the area. 
     Zhangyuan West Zone is located to the west of Taixing Road and to the east of North Maoming Road. It covers around 20,000 sqm of aboveground space, which represents about 35% of the total aboveground area at Zhangyuan. The West Zone is divided into eight clusters, including 16 historical buildings such as Deqing Li, Rongkang Li, Zhenxing Li, Xiude Li, Furu Li, and three garden-style villas.
     Historically Zhangyuan was an elite rendezvous, a social hub and then a public park which was opened to the public in 1885. It was the largest civic park in Shanghai during the late Qing Dynasty. At that time, Zhangyuan was regarded as the place to discuss and debate new ideas. 
     Zhangyuan was also a public lecture stage bringing together many influential figures. Arcadia Hall in Zhangyuan, the tallest building in Shanghai at that time, could accommodate 1,000 people and was once a significant meeting place for revolutionary figures. Sun Yat-sen, Huang Xing, Song Jiaoren and Zhang Taiyan all gave speeches here.
     After 33 years the park was closed and transformed into a residential area in 1918. By 1935, 28 different developers had designed and built numerous lane and detached houses in Zhangyuan, establishing a vibrant community rich in historical and cultural characteristics.
     Zhangyuan is located in the prime area of Nanjing Road West, at the center of Shanghai. With an expected gross floor area (above ground) of approximately 60,000 sqm, the project will create a world-class cultural innovation venue, high-end office spaces, unique residential apartments, a boutique hotel, and a wide variety of exciting retail and dining options.  The underground area of more than 70,000 sqm will connect to three Metro lines (2, 12, and 13) at Nanjing Road West station and enjoy seamless access to nearby communities.