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October 3, 2022

Haisco Plaza, Chengdu

Designed by architecture practice 10 Design, Haisco Plaza is recently open in Chengdu, China. Situated in the Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park (SSCIP), a 1,034 ha innovation platform jointly invested by Singapore and Sichuan Province of China, the Haisco Plaza development presents a unique opportunity to create a new commercial and retail community for the TMT (technology, media, telecom) industry. 

     Haisco Plaza is planned as a vibrant destination for its surrounding working and residential community with convenient access to an adjacent metro station. It is a unique development created to attract innovation-centric and knowledge-intensive enterprises.
     Diverse live-work programs on the campus are organized around an east-west central green axis, with multi-level shaded circulation routes between functions. The buildings are thoughtfully positioned to ascend in height along the green axis: the low-rise retail structures at the west draw attention to the centre of the campus and attract visitors from adjacent plots; the main headquarters tower occupies the most prominent northeast corner; and the leasable office towers rest in between.

To further enhance the pedestrian experience within the campus, vehicular access is 
planned along the periphery of the site while a lush landscape permeates the entire 
campus. A generous green belt is reserved for the north boundary, inviting passersby 
to wander in and explore. Each tower has stepped terraces and rooftop gardens, 
reinforcing the concept of outdoor living typical in Chengdu.

Standing as an iconic architectural statement, the main tower is made up of three 
stacked volumes descending in size, creating green terraces along the south façade. 
The floor plate is efficiently designed as a parallelogram with central core to secure 
maximum flexibility for single and multi-tenant users, including the new research and 
development centre for the primary client.
     The facade design borrows vertical textures and weaving patterns from the local 
Chengdu Embroidery to form a unified identity. A neutral yet vibrant colour palette was 
selected, encapsulating the dazzling modernity and infinite energy of the development. 
A high performance curtain wall system with low-E coated glazing units features a 
series of vertical fins to achieve passive shading and minimise glare.