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June 26, 2021

16 building plans approved in April
The Buildings Department approved 16 building plans in April – four on Hong Kong Island, five in Kowloon and seven in the New Territories. Of the approved plans, seven were for apartment and apartment-commercial developments, two were for factory and industrial developments, and seven were for community services developments.
     Consent was also given for work to start on 11 building projects which will provide 13,704 sq m of gross floor area for domestic use involving 196 units, and 140,034 sq m of gross floor area for non-domestic use.
     The department also issued 15 occupation permits – three on Hong Kong Island, six in Kowloon and six in the New Territories. Buildings certified for occupation have 123,833 sq m of gross floor area for domestic use involving 1,973 units, and 55,111 sq m for non-domestic use.
     The Lands Department will resume 294 private lots for the public housing development in Area 46, and other facilities and infrastructure works for the Tung Chung New Town Extension development. The lots with a total area of about 4.94 hectares will be resumed and land occupied by a grave with an area of about 22.6 sq m will be acquired.
     Notices for the land resumption and acquisition were posted today and the lots will revert to the government on September 25. The government will liaise with the relevant land owners and affected households and business undertakings, and properly handle their compensation and rehousing matters.
    The public housing development in Area 46 will provide about 1,550 units upon full completion, with the first batch of population intake expected in 2028.