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November 2, 2020

Baiyuan Airport Phase 3 construction commenced

Guangzhou Baiyuan International Airport Phase 3 Expansion project has commenced construction recently. At present, the airport has three runways and two passenger terminals in operation which serves 80 million passengers annually. 

    Phase 3 expansion work comprises the  construction of two additional runways, West 2 (3,400 meters) and East 3 (3,600 meters), T3 passenger terminal, a transportation hub, fuel supply system, public car park and minor modification works for T2 passenger terminal. The new T3 passenger terminal will have a total GFA of approximately 422,000 sq m and more than 190 aprons. 
    The design concept of T3 resembles a cotton flower, which is the symbol of Guangzhou city. The shape and floor layout plans of the terminal, drastically, cut short the walking distance from the center of the terminal to each of the four clusters of boarding gates located at the four corners.  
    The master development plan of Baiyuan International Airport is targetted to achieve 775,000 flights, 120 millions passengers and 3.8 million tons of air cargo per annum by 2030. According to plan, by 2045, the airport will have the capacity to handle 870,000 flights, 140 millions passengers and 6 million tons of air cargo annually.