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April 2, 2024

Guangzhou Huangpu New Town Centre

Guangzhou Huangpu New Town Center is an urban development project by Vanke located in Shabu, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, covering an area of four million square meters. CLOU is responsible for the planning and design of Town Center 1.0, including Co-life and several community retails. This initiative represents a continuous design effort, embodying Vanke's commitment to life-building and the collaborative creation of a vibrant living environment.
      This large-scale residential development on the outskirts of a major city may be acity reborn for longtime residents of Guangzhou. For young migrant workersliving here, it becomes a new chapter in their lives as Guangzhou residents, while for the local children, it becomes a place of childhood memories. Shapingthe identity and sense of belonging for the new residents of Guangzhou is a keymission in this design.


Rong Culture Centre
Rong Culture Centre serves as a social hub within the entire town centre. It is an urbanmicro-renewal based on the existing culture centre. The northern side of thebuilding faces the vibrant Dajiaoyin Park, while the southern side overlooksBanyan Avenue. The culture centre creates a connection between the two, but asresidents increasingly utilize the green spaces on both sides, a closed indoorspace spanning between them becomes less desirable.
     Driven by lifestyle andliving philosophy, this urban renewal opens up the previously enclosed groundfloor, forming a transparent pavilion. Below the pavilion, green outdoor spaceson the north and south sides are interconnected with alternating indoor andoutdoor scenes, creating a versatile green flowing space adaptable to differentfunctions and scenarios.
     The music studio on oneside of the ground floor directly faces the picturesque scenery of DajiaoyinPark. It features a uniquely designed piano space, cleverly connecting theindoor and outdoor spaces. This creates an open event space and an excellent venuefor nurturing art and cultural scenes within the community.
     The transformed culture center retains its functions above the third floor, resembling the floatingforest music cabin above the pavilion. Diverse and rich life scenes converge, blend, and collide in this centrally surrounded green area. Day or night, weekends or holidays, people with different life statuses gather here, making it a common destination for everyone.

New Town Centre
The retail here not only fulfillsbasic community needs, such as markets, senior activity rooms, and communitycafeterias but also represents an open and confident vision for a betterfuture.
     In this project, both theproperty owner and the design team act as participants rather than top-down decision-makers.The property owner plays the role of a platform provider, with residents actingas both demand and supply. The owner provides basic services, establishes aplatform for connections between two or more parties, and offers comprehensiveservices to platform participants, encouraging more involvement. As theplatform's content expands and optimizes, its functions evolve into a stableand diverse ecosystem. (Source: CLOU)




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