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October 27, 2020

A porcelain church in Norway
Architect Espen Surnevik collaborated with Trodahl Arkitekter to design a pure, geometric, porcelain-clad church in the city of Porsgrunn, Norway.
     The New Church of Surnevik replaces the 18th-century Porsgrunn church, destroyed by fire in 2011. Although relying on a composition of simple and pure forms, the Church of the Resurrection maintains the monumental appearance that had the destroyed church with its main characters such as the basic structural grid and the white exterior color that this time, however, is reproposed with a porcelain coating.
     “Perhaps the fundamental architectural principle for the Church in Porsgrunn is to reinvest the potential, for our times, of the traditional long church plan, as we have seen from dark times to the present day,” the architect said.
     Eleven are the geometric volumes sorted by different heights and placed in the plan according to their function. A spire, the highest volume of the composition of the project, called the entrance to the church. Six lower volumes, which surround the main hall of the church, contain other features, including the sacristy and the organ played during functions, while the technical spaces are located in the volume shorter on the back of the building. Each of the shapes is tilted, correspondsing to the angle of inclination of the Spire by 3.3 degrees.Inside the church, doors, countertop and furniture are all in oak to counter the porcelain walls and add warmth to the interior. Above the altar is a frieze made of one hundred pieces of burnt enamel porcelain designed by artists Espen Dietrichson and Marie Buskov. (Source: AREA?ê?


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